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Dec 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
security compound coast during the six day spying operation by the national security agency while us president barack obama and twenty five other foreign heads of government or on canadian soil in june of two thousand ten hundred us operation was no secrets to canadian authorities. so can the canadian authorities not only knew about the find was going on in our country but they may have even participated in it and has privacy advocates crying foul earlier by steve anderson executive director of open media for more on this latest docu shock when first asked whether we should never feel like the cry is about these latest disclosures. well we already know a thing. really surprising that most canadians. we're a go it would only allow a foreign spy agency to spy on our soil actually go and our country said its operations and one in three people. as a stronger candidate in the g twenty. i think that he's impressed many came. it surprised me. even though the revelations. i can stay on for the update until you know in my reading chair. it was a the sta many others. i'm really not expect it t
Dec 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
the first america's national security agencies apparently been leading an active life in a fantasy world the sending of high level agents into the courts of all skills and tools and online games such as world of warcraft of the playboy too small. my patience and tear around to scare the payments that swell of low cost and second life in the city seeking alternative online unit us this way users can create appetite the convenience or als o trolls fayette pages to steal and an accent that was that this type of online game can be used to disguise seventy xp vista on the cost of terrorists now lacks the old criminal groups which is why they have been spying on people playing these games which basically involved then this evening sunsets the identities and jumping and getting stock and we made it back a lot of play as a online playing these games the ground force to aid me in according to the estimate by an xbox live. in fact it seems to think once the operation the c i a the fbi and paints again i've seen reports that he creates a special team can fix anything in order to sell or the s
Dec 8, 2013 7:30am PST
always been the envy of america's national security agency the sites according to investigative journalist duncan campbell i'm sweet and always have allowed recruitment intelligence relationship with food waste during the years the cold war i'm a fiend tend to secretly in. to the club hosts the big spots in which they all thought this would be nice to get to that prime minister in return for betraying the tennessean secure a whole austin ate those and many of their own citizens. sweden was the largest collaborate to europe with the internet typing program run by the fine arts group of english speaking countries um and it said it does so because of its direct access the cables to the baltic and it's no surprise that the chp and nsa would want that as well as everything else is that they can take from st despite the criticism some governments protect their spine programs is something essential day this week the editor of britain's got the new sky to face questioning by and pains he believes that the publishing it's nice that the nation's put a dent in national security. jenna's cl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3